Water Color

Water down the glaze and cover the greenware.
Fire once and then water down glaze again and draw on design.


Staining is an acrylic stain that is brushed onto the bisque.

Drybrushing is used with the acrylic stain. First water down black stain and brush over the bisque. Then take the colors of stain wanted for the product and use a dry brush to wipe over the bisque.

Antiquing is a process where an antique stain is brushed over the painted bisque and then wiped off with a clean rag to give it an older look.


Underglaze is a glaze that is used to glaze multiple colors of glaze on the bisque, and to outline object shapes. Use the clear glaze to seal the underglaze and then fire the bisque.

Exotic Glaze

Glaze the bisque and spread the pebbles that are in the glaze over the bisque after three coats have been applied. When the bisque is fired a chemical reaction will accure and the pebbles will explode color over the bisque. The colors will run down the bisque causing a multti-coloring appearance on the bisque.

Rubber Stamping

For those who do not have the talent in drawing, a new technique was found. By using rubber stamps the stain or glaze can be brushed onto the stamp and stamped onto the glaze. This will cause an outline of the image that the painter can fill in with paint or glaze.